Impossible phone stand

Impossible phone stand

here’s my Impossible phone stand! Seeing some of the amazing tensegrity structures on internet I had to give it a try. I wanted to give this stand a floating / hovering sense and make it unlike any tensegrity structure I’ve ever seen. I also wanted to make it look like it should be impossible yet somehow possible. And I think after quite some time and quite some prototyping I’ve done it! I’ve also solved the question of tensioning which was one of my points, now you can tension it to your needs without any tools.


Any phone up to 10 mm of thickness can be put into stand or you can download attached .STEP file and adjust the stand to your needs!
The width of the phone doesn’t matter you can adjust for any width using different tensioning.
I also made sure that you can charge your phone while it’s on stand.


For this phone stand I advise use of PLA with 4 or more perimeters to prevent excessive bending and good layer adhesion to prevent it from breaking. All the orientations are already preset so you don’t need to change anything. Supports are only needed for holes on the bottom part of frame everything else is accomplishable with bridging.

You will need to print:

1x Frame
1x Stand left
1x Stand right
4x Tensioner


For assembly you will ideally need thin transparent fishing line as I have or thread. Holes in the model are 1.5mm in diameter and in some places there are three lines in one hole so take the line thickness into consideration but you should be allright.

You will need two pieces of line – one long one and one shorter one. Estimate the length according picture below which will help you.
Then tie the line around tensioner and place the tensioner into first slot from hole.
Wire the first line according to green wire shown in last picture
Again, on the other side tie it around tensioner and put it into slot
Do the same for the second line to red wire shown in last picture
Now you have all wired up all you need to do is tension the lines by moving the tensioner further from the holes

Impossible phone stand

You’re done!


Max dimensions are 158×111.5×110 mm.



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