iPad back cover Stand, landscape and portrait

iPad back cover Stand, landscape and portrait

I wanted a iPad case that can do landscape and portrait mode but i was unable to find one.
So i designed my own stand.
After printing, you need to cut a few 1.5mm diameter steel rod to fit in to make it work.
I also lightly sanded the edge to make it fit nicely.
This one I had my dad to help me with the measurements and testing prototypes. After month of testing and redesigning, I think we got this one perfect now.

You can just buy a cheap few dollar ipad case thats flat on the back.
Print this out and use glue or double sided tape to stick it to the back of the case.
I am confident to say this is the best ipad stand on thingiverse. as it is very thin and easy to use and can carry anywhere with the ipad.
I printed this in 80% infull

My dad has now made further improvements to make this stronger and faster to print.

Print Settings

Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Infill: 80



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