Key Storage Box

Key Storage Box

I was looking to buy one of these to help organize our keys. Most are more like safes, with key locks and made of heavy gauge steel. I wanted something to organize, hang on the wall, but simple and easy access.

I remixed the remixed Frog Box by adding some hooks. They are staggered to allow longer key rings to fit. It works pretty well. I’m going to drill a couple of holes and hang it on the wall of a closet.

The box and latch are not otherwise changed.

After printing this, I wish I had gone with more than the standard 3 top and bottom layers, or maybe a little more infill. The big panels feel a little more flexible than I wanted, but they will hold up just fine. No worries there.

The snaps are printed in PETG for both flexibility and durability.

I used M3 x 35mm screws, washers, and nuts to assemble. It did require I drill out the holes first (using a 1/8″ bit).



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