MacBook Pro Wall Stand

MacBook Pro Wall Stand

Due that I haven’t got enough space in my desk and every time I want to connect my Macbook to the screens it’s like a kick in the balls, I designed this in Fusion 360 to place my Macbook on the wall.

There is only one piece, but it can be used wherever you want, there has holes for the ports, no matter if you’re using a 13 inches MacBook Pro, 15, or 16, it does even fit the Macbook Air.

The screw holes have 9mm diameter and have a a second hole for the washer (maximum 13 mm).
Each side has two little 1mm deep indentations to glue some felt strips to avoid any scratches to the Macbook aluminum.

There is even two little perforations on the side intended to fit another central piece (that I haven’t designed) to join the two pieces.



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