Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Dock

Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Dock

It’s in the title! A charging dock for your Nintendo Switch!

Print Settings

Printer brand: FlashForge
Printer: Dreamer
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.4mm
Infill: 30%
Filament_brand: Hackerbox
Filament_color: Black
Filament_material: PLA


Overview and Background

I was sick of the charging cable getting lost around the house, so I built a dock to retain it in place! By taking precise measurements of the Nintendo Switch Lite, I was able to get the retention of the device very secure.

Lesson Plan and Activity

Step 1: Download STL

Download the STL and load it into your favorite slicer (for this, I used Simplify3D)

Step 2: Adjust settings for desired material

For PLA, I used a 60 degree plate, 205 degree extruder.

Step 3: Print!

For my settings, it took 17 hours to print. I went for a high-quality print vs. speed.

Step 4: Attach Charging Cable

I used hot glue to attach the charging cable to the underside of the primary dock. This ensures a secure, but removable, method of keeping the cable in place.



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