Oculus quest protector

Oculus quest protector

Oculus quest protector

Oculus quest protector

I love my oculus quest and I love taking it out for friends and family to try VR, so I needed something to make traveling with it easier like in one package, thanks for @rubixcube6 and @kyyrbes designs I was able to make this, it fits the quest well, I don’t have the rift s but I hope it fits it too.

P.S I glued the paper cover that comes in the box to the part, not that it needed but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t scratch the lens.

took me 4:40 mins to print at 40 mm/s speed with 0.2 layer height.

Update: I just tried the cutout for the sensor version and it worked, it doesn’t wake up the headset even when the controllers in their holder.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Prusa

Printer: i3 MK3

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 10%

Filament: hatchbox PLA black



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