Optimized Bed Scraper

Optimized Bed Scraper 3d model

Optimized Bed scraper with replaceable blades

Since the cutting edges of plastic bed scrapers wear quickly, I was not happy with the existing designs. They simply required too much filament to print.

That’s why I developed this optimized bed scraper that holds replaceable blades. Each blade weighs just 1.2 grams – and since each blade has two cutting edges, only 0.6 grams of filament is required per cutting edge. It couldn’t be more economical, and you can now replace the blades more often without feeling guilty.

Print Settings:
This design has been optimized for printing with a layer height of 0.2mm and a line width of 0.4mm, so please do not use different values. However, the first layer of the blade should have a line width of at least 0.5mm. In order to get the sharpest possible blade, you should choose a smooth printing surface if possible.

That is very easy. Simply slide the blade into the handle. But be careful – the blades are sharp, so don’t push them in with your finger, but insert them loosely and then push them all the way by pressing the blade on a solid surface.



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