Organic Support Laptop Stand

Organic Support Laptop Stand 3d model

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You can make the trees your own by playing with the settings, but here are some starting recommendations.

Tree support branch diameter – 3 or 4mm (makes stronger trees that stay on better)
Tree support branch angle – around 12 to 15 degrees (makes thicker and stronger branches – warning, making this lower increases slicing time)
Tree support wall loops – 3 (makes stronger branches)
Top Z distance – 0 (makes the supports stick better to the rest of the part – you don’t want these falling off!)
Top interface layers – 0 (makes cleaner intersection between trees and part, the stand in the photos had this setting at “2” and looks a little messy)


I’ve added a few variants to suit different computers and printer sizes but you can further customise it for your your needs by scaling it and “sinking” the model into the build plate to reduce the height. You might want to scale it down for smaller computers. (The rose-gold computer in the photos is an XPS 13 and could use a smaller stand)


KYZ Design

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