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Pencil grip 3d model

Pencil grips that help the user maintain the appropriate pencil grasp technique. A proper pencil grasp helps improve writing legibility, reduce fatigue and/or pain, and helps to strengthen appropriate muscles. This applies not only to children, but can also apply to the elderly, or those requiring rehab after an accident or injury.

Two different versions are provided as seen in the following images:

Pencil grip2 3d model

Version 1 – A barrier between the thumb and index finger provides a convenient place to rest the thumb and finger, but also prevents the common problem of the index finger crossing over the top of the pencil. The shape of the pencil grip helps to naturally guide the user into a more efficient pencil grasp.

Pencil grip3 3d model

Version 2- Similar to version 1, but includes a barrier that helps to maintain the appropriate distance from the tip of the pencil as well.

There is a pair of models provided for both versions of the grip. Both have a model with a static slot for the pencil, which is just a hair wider than 7mm which I found to work with more than half of the random pencils I found in a random drawer at work. The other option for both is a ‘split’ model that has a slightly smaller hole but also has one of the corners split open to allow for a little flexibility in the model to accommodate a small variety of sizes.

As long as you have a couple different brands of pencils, you should be able to get one of them to fit. However, I have provided two test prints (one split, and one without the split) that you can print and check if you only have one pencil available, or have a particular pencil that you just can’t bear to live without it fitting in the pencil grip. You can then scale the models appropriately in your slicer.

If a pencil is too small for the grip, a rubberband or a pair of small gaskets can be used to hold it in place.

Should print fine with whatever your default settings usually are. Supports aren’t required, but it may help to either use a small support, slow down, or increase cooling for the bottom few mm for the overhang of the vertical barrier (a keen eye will see the sloppiness in my photos since I took none of my own advice).

*If you are planning to use the ‘split’ models to accommodate a variety of pencil sizes, it would probably be best to reduce your number of perimeters by one or two, and would probably be better suited to PETG instead of PLA due to the improved flexibility.



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