Photographic Sweep Stand

Photographic Sweep Stand

Photographic Sweep Stand

Photographic Sweep Stand

This stand provides a sweep, or curved, seamless background for photographing small to medium sized objects. It will hold thicknesses from 20 lb. copier paper to lightweight cardboard or craft paper. Clipped onto a heavy cardboard base or any rigid sheet, your setup can be moved to adjust for light and camera angles. It will support quite a large sheet of light cardboard as a background, and it can be scaled up if you want to photograph very large objects.

All parts are included in both “PLA Complete Sweep” and “ABS Complete Sweep” files and each will fit on a 150mm x 150mm bed. Print at .3mm resolution; 50% fill adds strength without adding excessive build time or material.
PLA works very well for all parts; use either “PLA…” or “ABS…” files. For ABS, print using “ABS…” files to prevent warping problems on the stands. Support is needed for all stands’ bottom hinge and for the curved edge of the PLA stands. In addition to PLA and ABS files for the complete pair of stands, I’ve included one file for each side complete, and one file of each part (the clip is identical for both sides).
Assemble using 1.75mm filament for the hinge pins; Push through a length of filament with excess at both ends; a spot of super glue at one end of the pins will hold them in place and when it sets they can be trimmed flush. Thin clothes hanger wire (the type used in hangers with cardboard tubes as crossbars) can be used to clean out the hinge holes if necessary.

Although the stands can be used free standing (using weights on the back plates if needed), clipping them at the proper width to a stiff sheet will make setting up and changing backgrounds much easier. Feed the background material into the fully opened stands to the desired height, hold the arm closed, and close the clip by pushing at its corner nearest the hinge. Open the clip by pushing at the curved tab while holding the stand.

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R1 ABS + PLA Model









Filament: Push Plastic PLA, eSUN ABS PLA or ABS natural



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