Piranha Plant Switch Dock (Charging and TV – Hub)

Piranha Plant Switch Dock (Charging and TV - Hub) 3d model

Piranha Plant Switch Dock (Charging and TV - Hub) 3d model

Piranha Plant Switch Dock (Charging and TV - Hub) 3d model

Piranha Plant Switch Dock (Charging and TV - Hub) 3d model

Dive into the world of the Super Mario series with this captivating Nintendo Switch stand – a true eye-catcher for your gaming setup! Say goodbye to the ordinary TV dock! This unique Switch stand, designed to resemble a Piranha Plant, serves not only as a stylish holder for your Nintendo Switch but also charges your Switch via the USB-C port(1) and can even function as an elegant docking station with a TV adapter(2). Keep your gaming accessories organized, as the Piranha Plant stand offers space for up to 16 game cards and 4 Joy-Con holders, depending on your setup. Customize it with various leaves and colors to suit your personal taste. Enhance your gaming experience with this vibrant addition to your home!

The Switch stand is compatible with both the classic and OLED versions.

Good to Know

The print profile includes two different versions of the piranha blossom: one with dots and one with stars.
Additionally, the grass and the lower blossom part also comes in two versions: one using Breakaway Support Filament and another using manual supports. I recommend using the version with Breakaway Support.

The Screw Self Tapping Screw Version – same as the Print Profiles – is made for self tapping screws of the Bill Off Material List!

The Threaded Insert Version require:
21 x m3 Threaded Inserts with a diameter of 4,6mm. The Bambu Labs have diameter of 5mm that could work to.
22 x m3 100 mm – M3 Socket Head Cap Machine Screws



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