Playstation 4 Controller Stand

Playstation 4 Controller Stand

Playstation 4 Controller Stand

A simple remix of two nice designs. I didn’t liked how easy the controller can slip off the stand in it’s original version, so I decided to remix it with a great wall mount design. I deleted the extruded ps4 logo and printed the logo in a different color and glued it back on.

Although I made a little mistake when printing it sideways like the original suggested. My design needed support in that orientation, which made the surface under the supports look very ugly. Trying to print it again right now in standing position as seen in the file without any supports. If it prints successfully I will update this text here. Meanwhile have fun trying your for yourself.
/edit well, technically it can be printed standing up and supportless, but I wouldn’t call it a success. Looks meh on my machine, but is useable.

And yes I failed to center that logo 😀



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