Pop up square basket

Pop up square basket

This is the pop up basket I initially displayed at #mrrf18 . The basket can lay flat and appear as a trivet or you can lift up and rotate the handle where it pops out into a 5 section basket. Uses a virtual spiral cut to allow the pop up action. Modeled in OpenSCAD.

Was featured in a 3D Printing Nerd Video

3D printing settings

Was printed at 0.25mm layer height with 15% infill but both could be adjusted. Printed with PLA but other filament types should work.

Print the test model to see if the pop up mechanism works well, if too stiff lower your flow rate and if too loose increase your flow rate. Print the top part on a raft to avoid the cuts getting fused together.(Note: it seems others have printed without raft and it still worked fine) The top gets glued to the base, be sure to only glue the pegs and the area close to the peg so that the basket can still pop up.



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