PS4 Game Rack

PS4 Game Rack 3D model

3D PS4 Game Rack model

PS4 Game Rack

PS4 Game Rack

PS4 Game Rack

UPDATE: The vertical rack does indeed have a problem with the games moving forward if it experiences vibration. Mine is in an armoire and they move when I shut the doors. I’m working on a new version with the slots angling upwards. I’ll post it after I do a test print. It looks like it will take 15+ hours to print!

I got tired of my games being in a pile, so I designed this. I printed the vertical version and realized it would also work well in a horizontal orientation. The games do not fit tightly in the slots so as to allow for variations in tolerance of the game boxes and 3D printers. The vertical version took 12.5 hours to print on my Folgertech FT-5. It prints on its back in order to avoid supports and this uses most of the width of the FT-5 print bed. Both versions hold 16 games.

After printing the vertical version, I realized that it might be better if the slots angled upwards slightly to use gravity to keep the games seated. If I find this to be a real problem then I’ll be doing a redesign… but don’t hold your breath!

Print Settings


Folgertech FT-5


Doesn’t Matter




0.2 mm layer height



PS4 Game Rack
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