Raspberry Pi Smart Speaker

Raspberry Pi Smart Speaker

Raspberry Pi Smart Speaker

Raspberry Pi Smart Speaker

This smart speaker is my finale project for school. A more detailed description will be added later.

It is designed to use:

Two 3-Watt speakers (I used the Plexgear computer speaker N90)
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Seeed Respeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry Pi
(Although, I would strongly recommend using another microphone that actually supports audio output)

Without a microphone
An alternative design without the microphone holes can also be downloaded and printed if you only wish to use this as an Internet speaker to play only music (with Spotify for example).

Modifying the design
The Autodesk inventor part files (.ipt) are of course available if anyone is interested and willing to modify the design to suit their own needs.

The design ended up being a bit to small for my speakers. If possible, they should be just a millimeter or two further apart. An alternative design might be uploaded later.

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