Ratcheted Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Ratcheted Toothpaste Tube Squeezer 3d model

I loved the concept behind Luke’s 3D’s original model but it didn’t fit my daughter’s toothpaste. I also found the model quite hard to assemble as the tolerances were tight and there was little to no horizontal expansion (elephant’s foot) compensation built in.

So while I was lengthening the model I decided to make the following improvements:
Increased shaft and body length by 10mm
Increased tube slot width on the shaft and body slightly
Added chamfer to all surfaces that touch the build plate to compensate for horizontal expansion
Added a bump on the shaft to prevent the tip from coming out while removing the tube
Stiffened up the ratchet arms
Improved aesthetics (subjective :))
Less post processing is required for assembly

Printing tips

I’ve been printing the bodies in PLA and the handle, ratchet, and shaft in PETG.

0.4mm nozzle
0.2mm layer height
Support is not required
Print as shown in the attached screenshot (widest flat faces touching build plate)


Roland Deschain

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