Samsung charger & Cable wrap

Samsung charger & Cable wrap  3D model

The MisterThief did all the hard work, I just made some modifications so support material is not needed.

The changes I made were

split the STL file so there was no overhange
greatly decreased the over hand for the micro SD card holder.

Because there are 2 files it is easy to use different color filament, which makes it stand out.

I travel a lot and need something like this to keep my stuff organized and protected from damage. Also, if it ‘stands out’ I will not leave it behind.

You will need epoxy to glue the parts together. When you assemble the 2 parts put the Bottom Part down first. Cover the connecting edge with the glue, then put the activator part of the epoxy on the mating edges of the Top Part. Look directly down as you lower the Top to the Bottom and feel the indexing pins click into place. Hold firmly for 5 seconds.

The Samsung charger makes a friction fit so the Top and Bottom must make an accuate alignment. If any glue squeezes out you will nee to trim with a knife.

Good luck! I made several and they all turned out great. Thanks Mr.Theif!

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



i3 MK2S






4 periperals, 5 upper and lower layers




Prints very fast, use the ordination as presented to print. Use PLA



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