Screwdriver Keychain

Screwdriver Keychain 3d model

A precision mini screwdriver with holder for four interchangeable bits that you can carry everywhere with your keys, pencil case, or in the pocket of your backpack. It takes up very little space, so if necessary, you can carry multiple ones with different sets of bits. You can print them in different colors combinations to distinguish them.

The model has three parts: core, fixed cap, and the cap that holds the tips. The fixed cap fits onto the core and is difficult (imposible) to remove without breaking it. This is mainly because this cap allows the magnet to be inserted into the core and held in place. It also allows us to combine colors and create the “button” effect seen in the photos. However, you will have to print it in two or three separate prints!!

Other than that, the assembly and operation are quite simple. The magnet is inserted into the core, the fixed cap (the shorter one) is fitted, you need to press firmly until it clicks, the tips are loaded, and the cap is snapped into place. To open it, you just have to hold the base by “pressing the button” (is not a real button) and pull the cap while pressing on the sides. It may be a bit tight at first, but it will become smoother with use.

I have printed it in PLA and PETG with a layer height of 0.1, and 0.4 nozzle, it works better with PLA. They can even be combined too.

The bits are 4mm hexagonal, which are standard in the market.

I have used a neodymium magnet, cylindrical, with a 10mm radius and 2mm height, like these:

Neodymium magnets 10x2mm on Amazon

* The model can be assembled without a magnet, but this will cause the tips to not hold well and may fall off. One solution is to adjust the size by printing the model at 98% or less.



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