SD/MicroSD card case

SD/MicroSD card case

(Yet Another) SD/microSD card case with the rough XY dimensions of a credit card or Raspberry Pi
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Added a tray with 1 SD and 7 microSD slots. It’s not as well-tested as the 2SD/5uSD tray; the uSD slots might be tighter.
Threw in a new photo with a storage idea. 😀

Printer Brand: Original Prusa
Printer: i3 MK3S
Rafts: Shouldn’t be necessary unless your print surface is particularly uneven
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.1 mm (0.15 mm should work, I actually don’t remember the exact setting I used)
Infill: 15% (The outer cover should print completely solid)
Filament: MatterHackers PRO PLA Jet Grey (any good quality PLA should do just fine)

The 3MF file is set for 0.1 mm layer height and Generic PLA. It should be ready to slice to gcode, no supports necessary. It should also print well in PETG as long as that filament type is selected. NOTE: As noted in the comments, the snap closure nubs will probably last longer in PETG.

SCAD files are also available if you want to modify them in OpenSCAD; apologies in advance for the horrible SCAD code, I’m planning to rewrite it some time in the future.

The SD card slots are loose to allow for easy pull-out; the micro SD card slots hold the card edges with friction. You may want to “break in” the micro SD card slots with a throwaway card or a craft knife if you find the slots too tight, or if the cards shoot out when pushed out of the tray.

The tray and the cover are designed to “click” together, but that feature was designed using a Robo3D R1, so the tolerances are looser (it’s on my bucket list to update). The tray should come free easily by pushing into the tray rather than pulling it out (this makes for a pretty good, albeit non-office-friendly, fidget toy); you can also give it a firm shake with gravity.



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