Seat Belt Buckle Fidget Toy

Seat Belt Buckle Fidget Toy

Seat belt buckles have a pretty satisfying mechanism, but it’s not a great idea to play with them on the road! Now you can 3D print your own fidget and desk toy to play with anytime that you want. The design features a double action mechanism for locking and unlocking the tongue in place as well as ejecting it. It’s 100% 3D printed with no other hardware required. Featuring 30 plus different tongue styles, you can rep your ride!

Build Video

Print Settings
Button Spring – 0.2 mm layer height, 3 mm brim
Button – 0.2 mm layer height, supports and 3 mm brim
Case – 0.2 mm layer height, supports
Case Bottom – 0.2 mm layer height
Case Top – 0.2 mm layer height
Latch – 0.12 mm layer height
Tongues – 0.2 mm layer height (colour changes optional)

Hardware Required



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Download 3D models

File File size
rar Seat Belt Buckle Fidget Toy 2 MB

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