Selective waste signs

Selective waste signs

Every couple years I break my tradition and design something useful.

After switching to a bin with three separate compartments I decided to create a set of signs for them. Not to be over organized but it just soothed my OCD so well. 🙂

I’ve added three extra over the ones I actually use to make the set a bit more universal.

Each sign can be printed either with a regular color change at 1.5 mm height or you can use either a multi material printer or same layer color changes using M600 command to get a perfectly smooth (or in this case textured) first layer with the sign facing downwards.

I’ve also added a sample .3mf file and a gcode. I’ve manually edited out the very first M600 command, since you won’t need it.
I’ve also added the source files if you want to design your own sign.


Daniel Josvai

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