Servo Switch Plate Mount

Servo Switch Plate Mount 3D model

Servo Switch Plate Mount

Servo Switch Plate Mount

This is a simple servo mount that you can attach to a standard switch plate. Connect the servo to a microcontroller for a quick home automation project.

///////What You Need:
-Micro sized servo (I used cheap SG90 9G micro servos from ebay)
-Mounting hardware for servo and arm (typically comes with the servo when you buy it)

-You will need to have the Servo.h library installed
-Connect servo to Pin 9, GND, and 5V
-Turns the switch ON right after you connect to power
-Turns the switch OFF after 5s, ON after 10s, OFF after 15s, ON after 20s, then loops.
-You can change or add time intervals as needed

-Servo neutral position is 60 degrees
-Switch ON position is at 100 degrees, and OFF position is at 20 degrees
-May need to change these numbers depending on you servo.

*When programming the servo, the arm should move about +-40 degrees from the neutral position to turn the switch ON and OFF. Experiment with these numbers for best results.

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Servo Switch Plate Mount
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