Shopping cart token [Customizable]

Shopping cart token

This is shopping cart token that can be attached to a keychain.
It is also customizable with OpenSCAD, a free CAD editor!

I have included a few pre-made customizations:

1 Euro – shopping_token_1euro.stl
100 Hungarian Forint – shopping_token_100ft.stl
200 Hungarian Forint – shopping_token_200ft.stl

If customizing is not your thing, drop me a comment if you need any other particular kind.


I suggest printing with:

Text facing down for two-tone effect seen on the picture
≤3 total wall count (including infill). This is for easier bridging when printed face down
0.2mm layer height
no supports


Customizing the model is quite simple, just follow these steps:

Start OpenSCAD, which can be downloaded from openscad.
Open shopping_token.scad
Use the Window/Customizer menu to open the Customizer sidebar.
Edit the values in the ‘Text content’ and ‘Size, orientation’ sections. With ‘Automatic preview’ turned on, you can see the effect of your changes in real time.

Shopping cart token

Render the model with the Design/Render menu. This may take a few seconds to complete.
After rendering, export the model using ‘File/Export/Export as STL…’



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Download 3D models

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zip customizable-shopping-cart-token-model_files 1 MB

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