Small Tripod Extension

Small Tripod Extension

Small Tripod Extension
Working on another project, which will soon be available as well, taking photos and videos at the same time, I realized what I am missing at the moment … a little more tripods than there are and a little less tripods than there are also available. This is how the extension cord for small tripods was born. However, before that I managed to buy three excellent Ulanzi tripods, but they will not arrive soon, and I needed it now…

It’s simple, well, of course, if everything is at hand … First of all, your favorite printer, well, there are various little things … You will need an anodized aluminum tube with a diameter of 8 mm with a wall thickness of 1 mm, as well as a UNC 1/4-20 tap, this is one of the standards of carving used in photo and video equipment and accessories. It is convenient to cut the thread by holding the tube in a vice, however, if you have enough strength, you can hold it with your hands. I prefer a comfortable work and a convenient tool.

Among the files, I have laid out two versions of the handle for the tube, with and without backing. The backing itself can be printed from TPU plastic and the base I prefer to print from ABS, but this is not important.

Parts links below:

Links to used tools:

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