Space-saving storage system for Canon lenses

Space-saving storage system for Canon lenses 3D model

Space-saving storage system for Canon lenses

Space-saving storage system for Canon lenses

3D Space-saving storage system for Canon lenses model

I desinged this storage system to put away my Canon lenses on top of my audio system in a space saving and accessible way. Since there is always some fluctuation in the lenses I use, the system has a modular design.
The lenses are hold by help of the original, slightly conical rear cap from Canon. Other caps, such as the beautiful (imho) but larger Sigma rear caps, won’t fit. The lens holder element has two mounts for lenses, where the front mount is tilted slightly to shorten the element footprint.

The lens holder element can be used alone or it can be connected to other lens holder elements by help of connection parts that snaps into the bottom of the elements. Since the connector elevates the holders, an end part has to be used to uniformly lift the arrangement.
In addition to the lens holder, I made a storage part for SD-cards, USB flash drives and an IR-remote-sontrol.

The geometry was designed for lenses with a maximum OD of 85mm and was tested with the following lenses in different combinations on the front and back position:
Sigma Art 24 f1.4
Canon 50 f1.4 USM
Canon 85 f1.8 USM
Canon 135 f2 L
Tamron 180 f 3.5 Macro
Canon 200 f2.8 L

Please let me know if larger (maybe single lens) elements are needed e.g. for the 70-200er zooms. I will see if I’ve time to add the files.

Use the storage system wisely and on your own risk. I won’t be responsible for any damage on your equipment.

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I used grey PLA for the lens holder and the storage part and extrudr wood fill PLA for the connection and end elements.
Make sure to clean all zits on the side face of the large elements and to clean the edges of the connection interface underneath the holding elements.



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