Storage Box

Storage Box 3d model

Storage Box2 3d model

They are easy to print, require no hardware, and can be used directly after printing.

The available sizes are:
M Single Layer: 16×7.5×3.3cm
M Double Layer: 16×7.5×4.7cm
S Single Layer: 8×7.5×3.3cm
S Double Layer: 8×7.5×4.7cm

Key updates:
Increased hinge clearance. The original hinge design was good, but increasing the clearance improves printing tolerance.
Redesigned latch. The previous latch was difficult to open after closing. The new latch is easier to open and has greatly improved both printing tolerance and structural stability.

Tip: To improve the success rate of printing, clean the print bed and apply glue stick to the bed before printing. If the filament is damp, it may cause the hinges to stick, so please ensure the filament is dry.



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