StreamDeck XL Amazon Fire 8 HD Stand

StreamDeck XL Amazon Fire 8 HD Stand

This stand positions the StreamDeck XL at a 30º angle and features a mount at the top for an Amazon Fire HD 8 (10th generation). I use it on my desk with the Fire HD running in “Show Mode,” so that I have quick access to Alexa on a large, 8-inch touch display.

There is ample space for any cable management needed for both the StreamDeck and Fire 8 tablet. For a really “clean” look, I advise fixturing a wireless charger in-place behind the Fire 8, so that there’s no cables protruding out the side.

I love how clean it’s left my desk looking, so if you decide to print one, please post a make!

Print Settings

Printer brand: Dremel Digilab
Printer: 3D45
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: .3mm
Infill: 5%

My production print was done with PETG at a layer height of .3mm with an infill density of 5%. Because the stand’s indentations match-up with the feet on the StreamDeck, most of the stability is provided by the StreamDeck itself, so you can get away with printing at a low infill.



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