Super Clicky Fidget Button

Super Clicky Fidget Button

This fidget toy is the result of experimenting with button designs for a future puzzle. After printing several tests, I realized that people might enjoy the button as a fidget toy.

This is a 2-state click button with an internal mechanism similar to that of a retractable pen. This can be used with or without a long M3 bolt to transfer the click action into a secondary linear or rotary motion. Use the case with holes to see the cam pop in and out of view each click.



A spring that is about 15mm long and 5mm in diameter. The design can use larger and smaller springs, but this size worked best for me.
Spring harvested from a standard click pen are a little longer than needed, but should work. If the click mechanism feels too stiff, shorten the spring with wire cutters.
I had a little success creating a spring out of PLA filament softened in hot water. This would probably work if you’re willing to test different coil sizes, but metal springs will still be best.


A long M3 bolt to transfer the click action out of the device for some secondary purpose – or just to demonstrate the change in distance caused by the click.


All parts can be printed without supports.
The cam includes a thin 1 layer bridge over the bolt hole. If you intend to use a bolt, puncture that bridge with the bolt.



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip Super+Clicky+Fidget+Button2 MB

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