Hello 🙂 I remixed the Switch lite grip from icefox1983, to fit the print bed size on my anycubic Photon s in one single print and no Gluing!

Things I modified:

1 – Separated both halves
2 – Added Notches to use rubber bands as the middle piece to hold both halves in place
3 – Smoothed the Grips surface
4 – Embossed little Hearts on the top trigger supports :3
5 – Adjusted the Sizes and dimensions to my switch lite (due to the resin post curing shrinkage etc…)
6 – Pre-supported them and arranged them on the build plate (very tight fit!)

This way, you can print both of them in one go, and use them as is with no gluing! Also this design saves on resin, and weight in your backpack!


You can basically just use the pre-supported pre-sliced .photons file IF you have a Photon S.

In that case, adjust the exposure settings to your resin directly during printing (start the print, then the cogwheeel button let you do that).

The Print settings/parameters I used (and baked in the sliced file).

Bottom layers exposure time: 80 s
Bottom layers number: 6
Normal exposure time: 5 s
Layer thickness: 0.02 mm

Real Printing Time: around 14 Hours (estimated to 12h in the slicer)
Resin consumption: around 60-65 mL

Resin I used: Anycubic plant-based ECO pink
Temperature during my print: 25-28 celsius

Post Printing!

The ususal:
1 – wash
2 – remove supports
3 – dry
4 – cure under lukewarm water
5 – sand supports knobs

Then you just need two average sized rubberbands and a nintendo switch lite!

(Place the rubberbands like you can see in the picture up there)



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