Tool box parametric

Tool box parametric

Box for tools.
Frog Box v2.0, because when I enlarged it became a mess in the fusion, I decided to redraw it from scratch.

200.185.100 are internal dimensions.

The groove for the seal is provided directly for filament A82-85 1.75 mm, but maybe it is better with an elastic band 2 mm. In fact, even the softest filaments are not as soft as an elastic band.

The box is parametric and can be any size, including the thickness of the box and the ribs.
In the photo the axes for the latch and the hinges are 3mm rods but it is designed for M3x30mm.

Depending on the bridging capabilities of the printer, it may be necessary to drill the hinge of the lid with a 3mm drill bit, it must rotate freely around the axis.

The yellow color is just like fluke. The brand is Filamentum, the color is Melon yellow.

Print instructions

Resolution 0,2 mm
Infill 10%
Support NO



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