Triangular Headphone Stand

Triangular Headphone Stand

Triangular Headphone Stand

Simple design. You can use it to hold your headphones, or anything really. Split into 2 parts that need to be glued together, to decrease the amount of support material needed. The smaller, top part still requires support material. Takes about 10.5 hours to print with 20% infill.

Photo of the stand is printed with PLA.

May consider making a second version that does not require glue with interchangeable parts. Let me know what you think!

Designed on Shapr3D

Print Settings

Printer brand: Creality
Printer: Ender 3
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 200
Infill: 20
Filament brand: SUNLU
Filament color: Black
Filament material: PLA



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip Triangular+Headphone+Stand876 KB

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