Ultimate Bag Clip (with Lid – easy access!)

Ultimate Bag Clip 3d model

Ultimate Bag Clip2 3d model

With this simple little print, you can make your bags a lot easier to use in the kitchen! It’s easy to open, pour and close again. Just print and mount on the bag and you are ready to go! No extra hardware needed – all 3D printed. Ready within an hour – almost no reason not to try this 😉

The model comes in 18 sizes for now! It’s based on the diameter of the lid/opening and the length of the clip. The diameter comes in 3 sizes:

30 mm
40 mm
50 mm

All lengths of the clips in a particular diameter size, uses the same Cylinder and Lid.

The clip comes in 6 lengths (currently from XS to XXL). The total length of the different sizes is approx.:

XS: 55, 65, 75 mm (depending on the diameter of the lid/openening)
S: 90 mm
M: 120 mm
L: 150 mm
XL: 180 mm
XXL: 210 mm

For your information, the sizes used on the images are:
Pink: 40 – XS
Yellow: 40 – XL
Blue: 30 – XS

If you have a request for more sizes or other ideas that would make this clip even better, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Cut a hole in the bag (fx. a hole in the corner just big enough to fit the cylinder)
Hold the Cylinder in the hole with the thread sticking out.
Mount the Clip around the bag and Cylinder base
Screw the Lid on

Ultimate Bag Clip3 3d model

Print instructions

It prints easy and can print with default values. There are some tips though to make it better.

Supports: No – the print-in-place hinge prints without supports!
Walls/perimeters: 3-5 – the more walls, the stronger but more filament is used – so test a see what you find the best.
Infill: The more infil, the stronger it will be. Mostly needed on the longer Clip versions.


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