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Universal Spring Clip 3d model

Universal Spring Clip2 3d model

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Universal spring clip in two sizes.

Small one with single spring for general use and bigger one with dual springs when you need some extra strength.

Sturdy and reliable clips that simply work when you need them.

Inserts. Did I really overcomplicated my design adding them? No, and let me explain why.

Typical clips use metal springs. The springs are tensioned so the clip works from the very beginning. 3D printed spring is not pre-tensioned at all. There is no initial compressive force. Thats not all, because it’s even worse. Plastic deforms during the first few uses, which creates a gap between the ends of the clip’s jaws. You can counteract both of these effects by printing the clasp jaws at a greater angle than they will be used and then inserting elements between them that will pre-tension the spring. Otherwise, add inserts!

If you are not convinced, print the clip without inserts, use it 10 times and then try to grab a piece of paper with it’s tip. Good luck! 😉

If you decide to print clips I’m presenting here, please use PETG for main body and anything you want for the inserts. I never tried to use TPU (I got bowden style printers) but that should greatly increase the grip!

Inserts should be pressed into main body without the need of glue. I added files with 0.1 (for good calibrated printers) and 0.2mm (for those not so much) clearance. I’ve heard that Bambu printers are incredible accurate, so if 0.1mm inserts are still loose, please let me know immediately – I add 0.05mm or maybe no clearance versions too!

UPDATE 24/06/2024 – For those who have printers with above-average accuracy, for whom inserts with a clearance of 0.1 mm are too loose, I added inserts for both clips with a clearance of 0.05 mm. Please download files with “0.05mm” in the name.



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