USB Cable Holder

USB Cable Holder

USB Cable Holder

This design is meant to hang 2 USB cables at the edge of my desk top.

I originally designed this about 3 years ago. I decided to update it and make some changes for publishing. The original design was printed upright to allow clean screw threads and, therefore, required a lot of support. The new design is meant to be printed on its side and uses a lot less support. I avoided the support need around the screw hole by adding a small notch cutout for the stringy bridging at the top of a hole to happen without interfering with the screw.

I used ASA and 6 perimeters for strength. I also set the minimum threshold for solid infill to 1000mm – the result is effectively solid with no infill. This should also increase layer adhesion area in the screw shaft (as printing a screw upright puts the layers in the weakest position).

The dimensions of it are set for my tabletop overhang. While it might be desirable to have a deeper throat for a clamp, my tabletop overhang is only about 1 inch. My surface is also 1 inch thick, but the clamp has a range of about 15-30mm.



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