Wipe Pad Cup

Wipe Pad Cup

This is a simple holder for wiping pads that are about 55mm diameter.

I originally designed this in TinkerCAD to learn that program.

It was an interesting experience that helped me understand how TinkerCAD works – and what it’s useful for, and what it is not. For example, modifying someone else’s design that was done with it is OK; designing anything complicated is not.

I redesigned it in Fusion 360 in about 10 minutes where the original took me a couple of hours (admittedly I was learning as I went). Consider this: filleting the open edges in TinkerCAD is a mental exercise in planning what to cut with and multiple shape groupings to get an inside filet and the opposite for an outside filet; in Fusion 360 just select the 4 edges and decide on a radius.

The Fusion 360 design is 100% parametric, so feel free to change the dimensions as desired.



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