Woven Coasters

Woven Coasters

This coaster’s woven appearance was designed to replicate the look of a basket. Because of the woven pattern, your glass will sit about 5mm above the base. This allows any condensation from your glass to easily run off into the weave and keep in away from your tabletop.


For best results, print using a 0.2mm or smaller layer height. If you would like a smoother finish on the very top, you may want to change the layer height to 0.1mm. There are some steep overhangs in this model, but they are all hidden in the final product.


I have also included an optional coaster holder. It can hold up to 6 coasters. Because of its shape, there are some steep overhangs in a few spots. Good cooling is required for a smooth finish in these areas.

The filament used in the pictures above is polymaker PolyTerra Army Beige PLA



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