Battery Holder with optional Gridfinity base

Battery Holder with optional Gridfinity base 3d model

Battery Holder with optional Gridfinity base2 3d model

Simple holder with compartments for AA and AAA batteries. It requires minimum amount of plastic to print.
I don’t like an idea to have different organizers for this two types of battery so I created this design to keep them all in one place. You can also print dividers to separate discharged batteries and to keep them in the same place.

Smaller (42x84x25mm)
Smaller with Gridfinity base (2×1 slots)
Bigger (42x168x25mm)
Bigger with Gridfinity base (4×1 slots)

Gridfinity versions are identical to normal but have solid bottom with grid slots.

2 walls perimeters
outer/inner wall printing order
doesn’t require infill
3 bottom shell layer


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