Big Ol’ Stackable Tea Bag Caddy

Big Ol' Stackable Tea Bag Caddy  3d model

You have SO MUCH TEA. For god’s sake, where do you even get that much tea? Are you hoarding for the apocalypse? Have you been cursed by some sort of fae being to only ever drink the first tea bag in any box?

This is a big ol’ tea bag caddy, just baaarely short enough to fit on a Prusa bed. It can hold even comically oversized tea bags in a neat row & stacks on itself for additional storage. You know, for all your ludicrous quantities of different tea.

v2 UPDATE: Ew, who designed this grotesque atrocity 4 years ago? And…oh god, are thosespeed holes?

OK, look, it’s time to face facts: 3D PRINTED SPEED HOLES ARE A WASTE OF EVERYONE’S TIME. All those cute little hexagonal cutouts and mesh patterns might look cool, but if you add up retractions & hole perimeters & all the crap your printer has to do to make little holes in your part, there’sno way you’re going to beat your slicing software’s infill algorithm for creating uninterrupted walls quickly. You can see I dropped the v2 design alongside the v1 in PrusaSlicer – not only is it less vomit-inducing to look at, it literally prints in half the time.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Prusa
Printer: i3 MK3
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: FAST
Infill: 30% or 100%, thin wall don’t care.

No, you don’t need supports. I don’t care what your lying slicer tells you. Also, if you put it horizontally across the bed, it should just barely fit.



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