Blind Shaker – Espresso

Blind Shaker - Espresso 3d model

Inspired by the Weber Workshops blind shaker, I have created a 3D-printable version for those of us who want to experiment with a different distribution method!

This tool is intended to help homogenize grounds via agitation. Shaking the grounds breaks apart clumps and more evenly distributes particle sizes, resulting in a more even extraction and more consistent shots.

How To Use

Place the stopper into the base so that it is firmly seated.

Dose and grind your beans; depending on your grinder, you may be able to grind directly into the assembled shaker.

Place the lid onto the base, making sure the stopper handle fits into the cutout in the lid.

Hold the base by wrapping your middle finger and thumb around it. Place your index finger on the lid to secure it in place while shaking.

Blind Shaker - Espresso21 3d model

Place the base of the shaker into your portafilter.

Remove the shaker lid and set aside.

Grab the stopper handle with your index finger and thumb and gently lift to unseat the stopper from the base. Raise the stopper about an inch and spin to fling off any coffee traped on the stopper.

Set the stopper aside and remove the base from the portafilter.

Blind Shaker - Espresso3 3d model

Puck prep how you prefer, pull a shot, and enjoy!

Printing Instructions

All parts can be printed as oriented in the original files. No supports needed!

Lower layer heights and scarf joints are recommended for a good fit for the stopper and lid.

Be sure to test fit the stopper into the base to ensure it seats fully. If not, clean up any over extrusions on the base or stopper.

Print settings as tested on Bambu Labs A1 mini using the latest version of Orca slicer:

0.12 layer height
3 wall loops
Scarf joints
Precise walls
4 layers for bottom and top layers
monotonic line top/bottom surface pattern
15% infill – gyroid
No supports



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