Crab Pen Holder

Crab Pen Holder 3d model

The original model needed support in the eye holes in my experience, so I made the eye holes the bare minimum depth. I also have included the multicolor painted file for Bambu Studio in case you want to print it with different colored eyes on a BL printer.

Supports are still required for the legs and are recommended for the claws, although not required as long as you have adequate part cooling (and don’t mind a little drooping).

Edit: This is not the crab from Etsy, I am not affiliated with the Jace Crab people or the people who made this model, but it’s objectively not the same or even related- like who thinks they can copyright a goofy CAD crab? I think every CAD student makes some blob creature like this at some point. Anyway, I don’t want any legal trouble, but I will stand my ground if someone else does!



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