Desiccant Containers, Adapters and Sieves

Desiccant Containers, Adapters and Sieves  3d model

Heavy Duty desiccant jars, adapters and sieves. The sieves let you remove smaller particles of desiccant so they don’t constantly fall out. Place desiccant in container, place the sieve size of your choice, then shake all of the small particles out like a salt shaker! Then replace with a regular top. All connectors, sieves and lids are compatible with Malolo’s well designed containers. The extender works to make jars as long as you want. Finally, the twisty container is designed to maximize airflow when the container is in closed quarters, but it just looks nice.

Every container and lid is strong and heavy duty, so they can fall on the floor while filled with desiccant and not break.

They can be printed with any material but I recommend PETG because you can put the whole container and desiccant in the oven for drying when needed.


Dr Ronny

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