Desktop Cable Holder

Desktop Cable Holder 3d model

I’ve always had a problem with annoying cables falling off my desk, and I had to crawl under it to plug them back into my computer. That’s why I decided to create a cable holder. Now, every time I unplug my computer, the cable simply slides into its slot and stays there, making it easy for me to grab and plug it in.

The best way to print the cable holder is with the screw hole facing down. Make sure to add supports between the ledges that grip onto your desk. If you encounter difficulties fitting a very thick cable into the slot, you can easily adjust the size by filing the edges of the slot (a knife can also be used for this purpose). That was the case only with my HDMI cable, but I was able to quickly make it fit by using a cutting blade.

It fits all desks that are up to 35 mm thick.



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