Engineer’s Knurled Thimble

Knurled Thimble 3d model

This thimble is designed to look like how I imagine one might if turned on a lathe.

Not tapered along its whole height, so maybe more suitable for stubby fingers!


The model’s internal diameter is 16.6mm – to change the fit:

Measure fingertip along its wider dimension
Divide measurement by 0.166
Set scale in slicer by result (or scale only in X and Y to set a different height.)


Around 0.07mm layers gives the sharpest print results with grippier knurling.

Shiny filaments give a good look.

The examples shown are printed in PLA and PETG, but flexible filaments should work very well also; If the hardness is very low then scaling down a tiny bit more may improve the fit.



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