Organizer Box / Boxes

Organizer Box / Boxes 3d model

Organizer Box (Fully Parameterized) with Fusion 360 Source Files.

Use the available print profiles if you want to have a specific size, if you are more into tinkering fetch the Fusion 360 file and enjoy all the customizable parameters. The model is designed so that all punch holes are auto-calculated and evenly spaced. No need to fiddle around with manual settings, just define the basic parameters and watch the magic math 😊. Punchhole rows are auto-calculated and will center on the outer wall.

Customizable Parameters:
Wall thickness
Punchhole Diameter
Punchhole Spacing
Corner Radius
Save space on the top and bottom

Customizing Tips:
If you adjust the width and length, it can be helpful to adjust the corner radius before making changes.
If you adjust the corner radius, ensure that the desired size fits your desired width and length.
If you want to create a round object. please ensure the width and length are matching. Configure the corner radius to ½ – 0.01 of the width or the length. Example: You have a width of 80, set the corner radius to 39.99.

Why another box model?

There are a lot of box models already available, but all I found were static,

or have features or design aspects that did not fit my needs.

I need a model flexible, that can easily adapt to any size I need – and also would be approved by my wife.

Maybe I also wanted to play around with repeating auto-calculating patterns in Fusion 360, okay okay – you got me.


Benjamin Kott

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