Pill Pill Organizer – 7 Days – Morning & Night Compartments

Pill Pill Organizer - 7 Days 3d model

Pill Pill Organizer - 7 Days2 3d model

Organize your morning and evening pills in this aptly pill shaped organizer. There are two compartments per “pill” for each day of the week. The lids have a sun and a moon in addition to the day of the week to assist in organization. The main body is printed all as one piece, and then there are seven individual lids that snap into place and can be slid to reveal either the morning or evening compartment.

*Bonus* Single unit has been added with two lid options – blank or sun & moon (no day of the week text) !

Design Features:
Easily customizable – because the lids are loose, you can choose which day to start your week with (the 3DM model has the lids grouped into their own assembly separate from the main body for easily making the lids a different color from the main body)
No additional parts needed – the lids are designed with a friction fit to snap into place and do not require any magnets to stay closed
Single plate print – all lids and the main body fit onto one plate, even when printing in two colors by object (~4 hour print in PLA)
No printing support required – all parts were optimized to not require any support while printing on the X1 Carbon (134g total)

Size & Capacity:
243.5mm long x 70mm wide x 23mm tall (~9.58″ x 2.75″ x 0.9″)
I can easily fit 7 pills of varying sizes in one half compartment, or 4-6 if just filling it with medium/larger pills (if folks are interested I can easily maker a taller version that could hold more pills)

Print Setting Variations (for PLA on an X1 Carbon):

Standard 0.2mm layer height with the 0.4mm nozzle on PEI textured plate
Switched to “adaptive cubic” infill while in “global” settings
Selected “print by object” while in “global” settings
Customized variable layer height settings separately for body and lids to get enough detail in chamfered mechanical areas without increasing entire print time significantly by using a fine layer height for entire print

Assembly & Use:
Sliding dovetailed lids will require a little force to “snap” into place the first time (lids should slide smoother after a few rounds of opening and closing to break the mechanism in)
There are protruding chamfered areas on the underside of the lid that keep it from just sliding open whenever – this means there is some small resistance to slide the lid into the “open” position
A stopper is located on the center bottom of the lid to keep the lid from sliding too far open – thus, only one side of each day is open at any given time
Please keep in mind that there is no “child lock” on this design and it is not meant to keep medications secure – for personal use at your own discretion!


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