“Red Blossom” – Bookmarks Set

"Red Blossom" - Bookmarks Set 3d model

A beautiful set of bookmars with a different pictures of a red blossom

The full set is to be printer together. It’s designed in such a way which makes this possible with the color changes.

Print at 100% infill with a layer height of 0.08mm with a base layer of 0.16mm
For folks without AMS:
Filaments Used:
PLA Kingroon Black Transmission Distance: 0.4
PLA KINGROON WHITE Transmission Distance: 5.5
PLA KINGROON Red Transmission Distance: 4

Swap Instructions:
Start with Black
At layer #7 (0.64mm) swap to WHITE
At layer #14 (1.2mm) swap to Red for the rest.



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