Scraperite plastic razor handle

Scraperite plastic razor handle 3d model

I printed the Scraperite handle by Genghis. But I must be misunderstanding how it is supposed to be used? If I put the thumbhole on top, the blade won’t stay in when I put pressure on it.
I like the desgn, nicely done with the curved shape and knurling; I only made some changes to the end that holds the blade.

I printed with 0.6mm nozzle and 0.3mm layer height in ASA.
2 perimeters and 3 bottom layers, 4 top layers and 0.15% infill makes it very strong.
The overhang needs support; when cleaning out the support take care not to cut off the small cam(?) that locks the blade in place.

Scraperite plastic razor handle2 3d model



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