Simple Parametric S-Hook

Simple Parametric S-Hook 3d model

This is a simple s-hook which can be easily resized in Fusion360 (f3d file attached). PETG is recommend for strength and supports are not needed.

In Fusion360, just change the “HookADiameter” & “HookBDiameter” parameters to the sizing of your choice. Each diameter represents the diameter of the circle making up one half of the s-hook.

The pictured s-hook has a 30 mm diameter on one side and a 50 mm diameter on the other, and is so named S-Hook 30-50.

For convenience, I’ve uploaded every combination of hook sizes from 20-60 mm. They are sorted by smaller diameter first. For example, if you want a hook with diameters of 60 & 40 mm, look for “S-Hook 40-60”


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