Small Multicolored Hedgehog for single color printer

Small Multicolored Hedgehog for single color printer

Thanks to Wilko for the cute model.

I remixed it to allow it to be printed in separate colors and glued together. I am just learning CAD, so there is a lot more I think can be done to improve that, but this was good enough for me.


Light Brown Section – Changed the inside angle of the eye piece to allow it to be inserted and glued into the dark brown portion. Someone with a bit more CAD skills could edit the foot section so the inside is flat, and would therefore allow printing with feet up, and slot into body, instead of body resting it.

Black Section – I edited the nose to add a post. I also edited the snout to have a hole the post can fit into. Again, someone with CAD skills could angle the entry and hole so it would tilt up at an angle, and maybe bevel pupil pieces a bit so they fit more easily.

Dark Brown Section – Added the socket for the nose, and beveled the area the eyes sit into so they would be glued in place. As mentioned above, it would be nicer to have the body printable without supports. I think a base that slots into the feet could have flats and angles to facilitate that. I just didn’t know enough CAD to do that.


Print in the orientation on the file, with supports. I used different orientations and the eyes have the lines of the layers visible, because I laid it flat. It would be better printed vertically. When complete, just glue it all together. It will require a lot of filament for the needles. Once completed, I will use a heatgun to curl them all back.

0.1 – 0.2 layer height
I used 15% infill
At least 2 walls
Black Section doesn’t need supports, but both brown sections do.



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