Stackable Tonic Can Dispenser

Stackable Tonic Can Dispenser

I wanted a couple of tonic can dispensers to go in the fridge and needed to be able to stack them to save space. offerings I found available either wouldn’t stack or were too big meaning they wouldn’t fit in the space I had. I Designed these compact dispensers inspired by the box the cans come in.

This is printed in 2 halves and glued together. There are some pins built in to help alignment in the glue up phase. Note: these pins are not strong enough to work on their own they are just an alignment tool.

There are feet on the base and corresponding depressions in the top to allow these to stack securely though if you stack more than 2 I recommend use of adhesive of sort to minimize risk of toppling.

The cans I designed this around are approx 88mm tall with a diameter of 50mm. Dimensions of the dispenser are w100 x h125 x d225mm.


Lord Radford

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